Onboarding Process

A straightforward and hassle-free process.

1. See if your business qualifies

Essentially, the reason we have a qualification process is that we want to create a place where your marketing goal(s) can be achieved with very little uncertainty and no risk. If we accept you, it means we are extremely confident that we can help your business grow and odds are that you will not want a refund. If we deny you, it's because we are not 100% certain we can deliver.

2. Formal introduction

After you have been accepted and have decided to make the payment, we will shortly follow up with a brief, digital face-to-face meeting to answer whatever questions you may have as well as set the expectations on how the overarching service will go.

3. We strategize based on your goal(s)

Specific members of our team will come together and very thoroughly review various aspects of your business to innovate a personalized strategy best suited for your business and for your business goals. We come up with a unique strategy for every single business because no business, even if in the same industry, is the same.

4. Finalize the preparation

At this point, we are ready to begin! You will first have to review the unique strategy we innovate for your business and confirm that you understand what will be expected from us and from you. This last step is more of a clarifier so you are not confused in the future.

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