August 19, 2016

Tansy Briggs, Integrated Health Link

Integrative Health Link

 Acupuncture, Medicine Practitioner, Online Postpartum Services   $$$$

Dr. Tansy Briggs, an integrative Oriental Medicine practitioner helping people achieve better health and postpartum services via e-visits online, by phone and by video conferencing.

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    (484) 702-9436

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No matter how your health is today, you can take the steps toward better health. Because Dr. Tansy Briggs has worked over 15 years with all types of health issues, she can help you improve your daily health no matter if you have a chronic illness or are going through a life transition. You’re not stuck with the health you have! Learn more about our postpartum care as well. Get started with the top online postpartum services at your needs from any location; even at the comfort of your own home!

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Online Services

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Online Postpartum Services

Online postpartum services in the comfort of your own home!

You, Your baby, and Your Future Health

You’ve done everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy. You deserve to give yourself the time and tools to heal and get postpartum care right away. Start your free 15 minute consultation for the top postpartum care and services all done online.


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Free 15 minute chat ⋅  FREE!   15 min
The Free Chat is appropriate for discussing: telehealth, postpartum services, professional development and mentoring programs, simply to meet me, and to get help with scheduling.

Better Health e-visits
Consultations by phone and video conferencing.

Better Health e-visit Initial Consultation ⋅  $180.00   55 min
The Better Health e-visit – Initial Consultation = 55 minutes. After your consultation, you will receive a recommended Health Plan and free follow up email support.

Better Health e-visit Follow Up Consultation ⋅ $75.00   30 min

Established Patients
Telehealth Consultations

Established Integrative Health Patient Check In Consultation ⋅
$50.00   20 min
For Established Patients – Telehealth Consultations

Professional Development Programs

Professional Development/Consulting Session ⋅
$225.00   60 min

3 Month Immersion Program ⋅ $997.00   1 hour 30 min
Initial Payment includes – first month: Initial paperwork and questionnaires plus one 90 minute call, two 60 minute calls;
Second month: two 60 minute calls;
Third month: two 60 minute calls. The mentorship can also be paid in 3 payments of $333.


Better Health eVisit – Initial plus follow up package ⋅
Receive more than 20% off with the Better Health eVisit Package which includes the initial visit for 50 minutes, free email support and 20 minute follow up visit.

Professional Development/Consulting 1 hour sessions – 4 pack ⋅ $720.00
Receive 20% off when selecting the 4 pack. You will receive 4 one hour sessions.