November 25, 2016


The Simplest, most Hassle-Free Google AdWords Service

Zero knowledge of Google AdWords needed

Easy, Simple, Effortless Three Step Setup Process

Automatic Weekly and Monthly Traffic Reports

Your Own Custom Business Page Listed on Our Website Being Advertised

Want to see how easy just how easy the setup process is?


Summary of Your Business

Give some quick general information about your business so we can create the best advertising campaigns for you

Business Page Creation

Check out the business page created for you and make any modifications you want

Ad Campaign Review

Review your advertising campaign information and make sure it’s all correct in our systems.      Yup, it was that easy!

1... 2... 3... That's it! You're advertising on Google!

What happens after this, you ask? We work our magic and send you weekly and monthly reports on how your campaign is going. Seriously, that’s it!

We’ve already mentioned you get your very own business page on our website, but what’s the point?

Why do we advertise your business page that’s listed on instead of just advertising your own website? Good question!

Here's Why We Advertise Your Business Page on Our Website:

  • To make things easier and simpler for you
  • Traffic from our home page goes to your business page because you’re listed on our business directory (even more traffic)
  • Our business page is already designed to appeal to most people which increases your conversion rate of people becoming customers of yours
  • As our business directory becomes more popular, you will personally see an increase in traffic because of our overall website growth

Pretty smart, don't you agree?

You can instantly be LIGHTYEARS ahead of everyone who isn’t taking this advantage!


Tansy is a business owner that wanted just a small amount of traffic and didn’t want to spend very much

She was fine spending a little over $100 for her monthly advertising spending and we got 50 people to click on her ad


But there’s more...

Some people from other business pages clicked to go to our home page and began to click around. More people stumbled upon Tansy’s business page so she actually got an extra unique 35 clicks for a total of 85 unique visits and 99 total page visits for that one month.

See the extra benefit now?

"I've always had no idea where to even start when trying to advertise online and I'm happy to say this by far is the easiest way to advertise online! I never felt overwhelmed at any point."

- Tansy Briggs

More clicks, for a cheaper cost, with little to no work on your end…


Oh! By the way, there’s no contract or locking in. Feel free to cancel at any time!


You pick your own price. Want to spend $300, $900, $2,500, or $20,000 per month? All fine with us, the world is yours.


Of course, the more you spend, the more results you get.

General design of your business page

YES, I'd like to

• Be apart of cutting edge advertising,

• Outsource loads of tedious hours learning how to advertise,

• And put my advertising results on autopilot...