What is Upanon?

We’re half online marketing software, and half education/training. We help
business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers improve their
online marketing with more simplicity, excitement, and less stress.

A message from the founder.

Hey, I'm Matteo.

You want to know what I can't stand about the online marketing industry?

Ugh, I cannot stand how difficult it is to simply get results in a no BS way. Things can get SO complicated, stressful and reluctant… fast!

…Let’s change that 🙂

Upanon was created because I wanted to make online marketing a little more simple, exciting and a little less stressful for people in terms of both learning and implementing (and leveraging) online marketing.

In short, I’m here because I want to have a small, but a very positive effect on the online marketing industry.

I remember in the beginning when I was trying to grow my ecommerce store via online advertising and help a plumbing company with their online marketing, both learning and getting results with online marketing was a struggle because:

1.) I really had no idea what information was most relevant to my goals
2.) I had no clue where I could reliably and easily be updated with online marketing news without being bombarded irrelevant information and products

I hope you have an overall better experience with your online marketing with Upanon by your side.

Matteo F, CEO

Standing Stage

– Grown his YouTube channel to over 10,000 subscribers within 2 years by age 13

– Scaled his ecommerce store to 5-figures via online advertising during sophomore year in high school

– Soon after, he began helping a home service business achieve an ROI with their online marketing. This is where he felt most valuable.

– After helping more local businesses with their online marketing, by the end of junior year in high school, Upanon was created.

Imagine if learning and leveraging online marketing wasn’t complicated and stressful but was actually exciting…

Ready to go up and on
with your online marketing?

Improve your online marketing with more simplicity, excitement, and less stress

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