Risk-free digital marketing services

Upanon is all about killing the uncertainty in marketing by only working with businesses whose goals' can be achieved with total confidence

Upanon is a company that arose from an itch that the original founders (Ori Holtzman and Matteo Favaro) could not quite seem to scratch. Digital marketing services such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, and Social Media Management all create growth for local businesses as long as one rule is followed and is not broken: have an ROI. Matteo Favaro realized two negatives of digital marketing: the amount of uncertainty there is in delivering positive, meaningful results and the complexity and confusion with it.

What if there was a place that was able to guarantee positive, meaningful results to local business owners? Then there would be no uncertainty that your business wouldn’t grow or have a positive ROI! Wouldn’t it be great if you, a business owner, could be 100% certain that you would make more than what you invested?

Matteo Favaro (CEO) asked these questions and realized this and saw that no one in the world has solved this problem. He and a couple other people came together to solve this problem at once. There was just one problem. Completely decoupling uncertainty from digital marketing is basically a pipe dream and literally impossible to guarantee in some areas like SEO.

Matteo still set out to get as close as possible to such a fantasy by starting a business offering digital marketing services that guarantees the success of delivering meaningful results to local business owners, and a full refund if the business did not grow. From this Upanon was born.

Since then Upanon has grown into a tighty-knit group of top level digital marketers and customer-centric team members working together towards one goal. This goal is to provide the world’s simplest, most risk-free adigital marketing services for local business owners.

We are here to simplify your digital marketing, not complicate it like so many other companies. We aim to make your experience as stress-free as possible to help you take your business to a higher level by getting back to the basics of growth.

Upanon is about not having to worry about a potential loss on your investment with online marketing or have doubt in the future of your business.


 We are a winning oriented and highly tech-savvy team, focused on building an agency that is the first place local business owners go to when wanting to up their business with absolute certainty and simplicity.

Our Mission

Upanon's goal is to provide the world's simplest, most risk-free digital marketing services for local home service-based business owners. We aim to completely eliminate the uncertainty and risk that comes with working with a digital agency by guaranteeing the success of delivering meaningful results.

A Message From The Founder

Hey, I’m Matteo Favaro.

I’m a Founder of Upanon and I Make Sure
Every Single Business With Us Succeeds

Let me ask you…

Do you like simplicity and not be confused?

Do you want to grow your business with stability and certainty?

Do you not want to worry or have doubt in the future of your business when involved in online marketing?

Here is the deal, if you answered “yes” to the questions above, then Upanon® may be a very good home for your business when it comes to digital marketing services.
The reason why? Every business that has been ever a partner of Upanon has always had a positive and satisfactory outcome in some way, either personally or for their business… or both!

You’ll never experience confusion here. At Upanon®, everything is simple and you will know everything about your business’s digital marketing without being confused or overwhelmed. I’m passionate about building an online marketing agency that revolves around simplicity and certainty for YOU. I’m here to make sure your business goals are consistently being achieved and I’ll go to extreme lengths to make sure you are happy.

Matteo Favaro, CEO

Standing Stage
Oh, and how do you pronounce Upanon? Up·a·non. Short for "up and on."